Application Criteria

  • All persons (18+ years of age) that will be occupying the property must complete an application.
  • All applicants are required to have a valid Social Security number or ITIN number.
  • A valid government-issued photo ID is required for all applicants.
  • A valid checking account is required for monthly online rent payments.
  • All applicants that will be living in the home must provide a unique and active email address.
  • Occupancy limitations are 2 person(s) per bedroom.
  • By submitting a rental application, applicant(s) agree to acknowledge that all information provided is true and correct to the best of their knowledge.  Any falsification or misrepresentation will result in automatic denial.
  • Rental applications are valid for 30 days upon submission.

  • Each applicant must have a good credit rating which will be verified through a credit report agency.
  • Any adverse reporting such as delinquent accounts, collections, judgments may disqualify the applicant.
  • Open bankruptcy or a discharged bankruptcy within the last 3 years will result in an automatic denial.

  • Applicants that are employed are subject to employment verification. 
  • Gross monthly income of all applicants must be equal to 3x the monthly rent for the desired property.
  • Applicants that do not meet the required income qualifications (3x monthly rent) may be considered with a co-signer. Co-signer must meet all other applicant requirements.

  • Rental history will be reviewed for all applicants. 
  • Negative rental history will result in an automatic denial. Negative rental history will include but not be limited to history of late payments, NSF payments, negligence or misuse of previous rental properties, etc.
  • All open evictions and judgements will result in an automatic denial.
  • Eviction filings that were filed in the past 5 years could result in an automatic denial.
  • Each applicant is subject to a criminal background check.
  • Felony convictions within the last 7 years could result in an automatic denial. 
  • Registered sex offenders are an automatic denial.

  • Pets are accepted in pet-approved homes.
  • Restricted Breeds: Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Chow, Doberman Pincher, Great Dane, Pitbull or Pit-Mixes, Rottweiler, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Wolf and Wolf Hybrids.
  • Dangerous or Poisonous animals are not permitted in the home as a pet.
  • Pet Fees apply.
  • Applicants must provide Vet Records and Current Picture of all pets.
  • 2 pets per household maximum.
  • ESA (Emotional Support Animals) will be reviewed.

  • Liability to Landlord Insurance is required.
  • RENU will provide the required Liability to Landlord insurance for $13.50/month if the applicant(s) does not provide a policy with the required Liability to Landlord coverage.

Upon receipt of your rental application, we will do the following:

  • Check your credit report.
  • Conduct a criminal background check.
  • Check public records for any past evictions or bankruptcies.
  • Verify employment.
  • Verify monthly income.
  • Verify your landlord references.
  • You will be contacted regarding any additional information needed, which may include photo ID, proof of income/paystubs, and pet photos.

Application Does Not Create a Lease

  • Applications, even if accepted, shall under no circumstances be considered a lease agreement between Applicant and Landlord, or an offer to lease. No lease shall exist between Applicant and Landlord until the parties enter into a formal Lease Agreement and Applicant pays all required fees, deposits, and rent.
  • Upon approval, applicants must sign a lease agreement and pay a security deposit within 48 hours.
  • Properties are leased on a first-come, first-served basis, decided by qualification, earliest move-in date, and receipt of a signed lease and paid security deposit.

Equal Housing

RENU Management is committed to providing equal opportunity housing under Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 and all amendments otherwise known as the Fair Housing Act.  Under the Fair Housing Act, RENU will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap (disability), familial status, national origin, as well as any persons recognized under applicable state or local laws, rules, or regulations.

Please note that failure to provide complete and accurate information on your application will result in delayed processing.