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Applicant FAQs

Please reference our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you do not find what you are looking for, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and one of our team members will get back with you as soon as possible.

If the property is listed on our website, it has not been leased yet. However, we receive applications 24 hours a day. We never know when someone new may apply for a particular property.

All of our property showings are self-guided tours coordinated through Rently.com. There are two different kinds of listings on our website: Properties that are currently available for showings, and properties that will be available for showings soon.

Available Now: If the listing on our website says “available now” there will be an option to “Enter Property Yourself.” From there, you need to register with Rently.com and schedule a self-tour for any day of your choice between 8am and 8pm.

Available Soon: If the listing on our website says that it is available on a date in the future, there will be an option to “Notify Me When Ready to View.” You will need to register with Rently to be added to the waiting list. As soon as the home is made available for self-tours, you will be automatically notified that you can visit the property any day between 8am and 8pm.

Most of the time, if you are having trouble receiving a code to view a home, it is because the home is not yet available for showings. Double check the available date. If the available date is in the future, you will need to join the waiting list for now. You can do this by clicking “Notify Me When Ready to View.”

Applications must be submitted online through the RENU Property Management website. www.renupropmgt.com

Each adult (18+) who will live in the home must apply separately. There is an application fee per applicant listed at the beginning of the rental application. Application fees are non-refundable and must be paid online at the time of applying.

Each adult (18 years or older) who intends to occupy the property must complete an application and pay an application fee.

Income – Legal and verifiable combined gross income of at least three times the monthly rental rate.

Credit History – Each applicant must have a good credit rating which will be verified through a credit report agency. Any adverse reporting such as delinquent accounts, collections, judgments may disqualify the applicant.

Employment – A minimum of one (1) year stable source and receipt of income is required. Applicant must E-verify or provide current pay stubs or other valid proof of income for the past 30 days. If self-employed, an IRS tax transcript will be required.

Rental History/Home Ownership – Three years rental history or home ownership is preferred. Applicant must not have any indicators of negative rental history within the last three years. Any eviction filings from within the past three years for any applicant will disqualify the application.

A cosigner may be added to a lease if an otherwise qualified applicant falls short of the income requirement.

RENU Property Management processes applications as quickly as possible. It can take from 1-5 working days to complete the entire application process. Please allow at least 3 business days from the time you turn in your completed application before expecting an update. Should additional information be requested, the applicant(s) will be contacted via email. Should the applicant(s) fail to provide the information requested, the application may be denied.

In some cases, you can sign a lease as early as the same day your application is approved. Every home will remain on the market and available to any applicant until we receive a signed lease and a paid security deposit from an approved applicant. Your security deposit is due at the time of lease signing. You can sign the lease online and make payment through our portal without having to visit the office.

Housing Vouchers and/or Section 8 will be accepted according to the approval of each homeowner and state/local laws.

Your move-in date will be dependent upon when the current tenants vacate and how soon the property can be made ready for you. Move ins/Key pickups are scheduled for Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Move-in must be at least 7 days after lease signing, but no longer than 3 weeks after lease signing. All remaining fees and prorated rents are due at the time of move-in.

We cannot hold a property. Every home will remain on the market and available to any applicant until we receive a signed lease and a paid security deposit from an approved applicant.

No*. If you are fully qualified you will be required to pay the security deposit at the time of lease signing and the first months rent no later than the date you are scheduled to move in. The security deposit is not considered the last month’s rent. Deposits are only used to pay for damages or cleaning required to restore the property to the condition it was in when you received the keys. Security deposits may be as high as two times the monthly rental rate.
*Leases for our homes in Pennsylvania do require payment of both first and last month’s rent at move in.

RENU Property Management will ask you to pay your security deposit online through a tenant portal system called Appfolio. Security deposits must be paid through the E-check option. This is the same portal which you will use to pay your monthly rent. RENU Management will NEVER ask for cash or wired funds and we won’t accept funds before you have signed a lease through your online tenant portal.

The more documentation you provide with your application the faster we will be able to have an answer for you. If you think you may have a special circumstance that you would like us to consider when evaluating your application, write a letter explaining your situation and submit it with your application. Our contract with the property owner makes it very difficult to rent to you if you have a negative credit rating or are not fully qualified.

If you have qualifying income and credit, we may be able to approve you without a rental reference. This decision is made at RENU Property Management’s sole discretion.

If an eviction action has been filed against you in the past 3 years or you are in the process of being evicted, your application will be denied.

Certain properties will accept pets. The listing on our website will state whether pets are accepted in each home. However, it is up to each property owner to define which pet(s) are allowed. An additional one-time pet fee (per pet) and a monthly pet rent (per pet) will be due and you must sign additional forms showing you agree to the owner’s pet rules. We have a two pet maximum. Rottweiler, Pitbull, Staffordshire Terrier, Chow, Akita, Doberman Pinscher, Wolf-Hybrids, Alaskan Malamute, Husky, or any mix containing one of these breeds cannot be approved for any property. Other breed or size restrictions may apply on a case by case basis.

Unless otherwise specified, the tenant pays for all utilities which can include water, sewer, stormwater, trash, electricity, gas, recycling, cable, phone, internet or other monthly utilities.

Unless otherwise noted, homes are leased as-is with the appliances in place at the time of your walk through. Washers and Dryers (if present) are available for the tenant’s use, but they will not be maintained, repaired, or replaced by the landlord.

The RENU Management Resident Benefits Package (RBP) delivers savings and convenient, professional services that make taking care of your home second nature. 

Your RBP may include (subject to property mechanicals or other limitations):

  • HVAC air filter delivery directly to your door approximately every 90 days
  • Liability Insurance that meets all lease requirements from an A-rated carrier
  • Move-in concierge service that includes a one call set up your utility services, cable, and internet services
  • A resident rewards program that helps you earn rewards for paying your rent on time
  • Credit building to help boost your credit score with timely rent payments
  • $1M Identity Protection for all adult leaseholders
  • On-Demand Pest Control that includes an innovative pest control service that provides an effective, reactive, and targeted approach to pest control

The resident benefit package will be an additional $49.95 per month per household.

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